Mailing Analysis:
Mail Equipment Savings

Through our 237+ years of marketplace intelligence and expertise, we can typically find ways to save you between 30-70% on the cost of your mailing equipment. 

  1. National agreements and discounts
  2. Current sales process and how location requirements get defined
  3. “Feature creep” that adds to the equipment costs
  4. Past transactions, renewal processes and purchasing trends

We dive into the detail of what is going on at your locations to look for ways to reduce costs for the future.

We review the following:

  1. Locations spending more on the equipment than the postage they are using
  2. Locations paying for equipment that has been picked up or may be lost
  3. Expired leases that may be automatically renewing (Evergreen Clauses)
  4. Asset validation to make sure all equipment that you are paying for is being used
We validate that you are getting your company’s agreed-upon corporate discounts and find refund opportunities in the following areas:
  1. Equipment Purchases
  2. Monthly Leases
  3. Meter Rentals
  4. Maintenance and Rate Change Agreements
  5. Supply Invoices

Billing Simplification

We find avoidable fees where you may be entitled to refunds or savings; and streamline your equipment costs for the future. These include:
  1. Service and rate change invoices that should have been covered under equipment agreements
  2. Locations paying unneeded equipment insurance and loyalty programs
  3. Invoices with late fees and finance charges that can be as high as 20% of the cost of postage
  4. Examining the accounts payable process to pay for postage and equipment to streamline for the future

Lost Funds Recovery

With mergers, acquisitions, office closings etc., your funds can get misplaced or forgotten without your knowledge.  We discover where and how these funds  were lost. We then create and implement a plan to recover them. For example, you may be paying for:
  1. Postage and equipment credits residing at your mailing vendors from closed or dormant locations
  2. Permit and Business Reply Accounts held at the USPS® in inactive accounts
  3. Lost funds (Mail and Non-Mail) that have been turned over to the states as unclaimed property

As the only mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada, we manage a portfolio of over 174,000 pieces of mailing and shipping eqipment for the largest US companies.