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We are happy to work with individual divisions or groups within a company and many clients have started this way prior to expanding to the entire enterprise.
You can use the Contact section of the website to drop us a line or please feel free to call our office any time at 888-977- MAIL (6245) and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We only bill for transactions that we can prove we helped to complete. If we cannot document that you have received the savings, then we will not bill it. Examples would be a lease that we can prove was renewed to a lower rate or a postage refund that you confirm receipt.

Here are the main areas of savings that we find for our clients:
Equipment Savings – We average 60% savings for our clients.
Avoidable Fees – We identify fees that most clients were unaware that they were paying and eliminate for the future.
Vendor Overcharges – We would stop unneeded billing and make sure that every invoice is at the correct contractual amount.
Lost/Dormant Postage Recovery – We have found and recovered millions in dormant funds and brought a revenue stream back to our clients.
Postal Advocate will review all of your mail spend. That allows us to benchmark the best in-class pricing. We have over 225 years of experience in this space and know every way to reduce costs and 98% of the time we find savings. Bear in mind, we have found over $25 million dollars in savings and obtained refunds/credits for previous overpayments and lost postage for companies ranked in the top 1000 by Fortune magazine.
No. Postal Advocate works with companies in all 50 states and Canada.
No. We are vendor neutral, meaning that we can find savings in almost any billing contract and the majority of our clients stay with their current provider. We typically accomplish savings without changing your current vendors, but if you’d like to see if better pricing terms are available from your vendor’s competition, we can assist with the negotiations as well.
We don’t ask for any sensitive or confidential information from you or your company. We don’t look into your company’s books or accounting records. All we need to see are the fixed-cost bills for each of your locations that we’ll be reviewing. This can be obtained in one or all of the following:
• Current/past mailing vendor provided reports.
• Copies of invoices.
• Exports from your accounts payable system of a small list of mailing vendors that we can provide.
If we do an audit, and find that you have no savings opportunities and are already being charged industry-best prices/discount rates, then you can rest easy knowing that experts have reviewed your bills and confirmed that you are paying as little as possible.
A review requires very little from your staff. Once you sign a LAA (Limited Agency Agreement), we will go directly to the vendors to get further information on your behalf. We do all the work!
Postal Advocate generally works with multi-location organizations with 50+ locations, Fortune 1000 companies, state, local and federal governments, and everything in between.
Postal Advocate’s 74-point audit and analysis has no upfront costs or obligation. We use it as a way to quantify the savings available. If you decide to move forward, we earn a percentage of the final savings we recover for you. If we don’t find anything, we don’t charge you. Fees and Coverage Options

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