Expedited Document and Parcel Shipping

Expedited Document and Parcel Shipping

With fragmented locations, carriers, systems and users, it can be difficult to control and manage the carrier spends inside your organization. Postal Advocate has the expertise, systems and resources to simplify the oversight and take away the day to day management of the category. At the same time, we can find ways to drastically reduce the expense by identifying areas of savings and working with you end users on implementing best practices.

6 Key Areas:

Ongoing Management
Postage Management
Onboarding Ongoing Management Visibility Reporting Billing Postage Management

 Assisting in integrating the new shipping systems and services into your organization and making sure that all the users become familiar with new steps and processes.

Managing ongoing support and first line response to questions and issues they may arise and optimizing the use of current and new shipping services.


Providing online inventory of all spends and updating data as changes occur down to the location level.

Creating and providing ongoing, chargeback, ad hoc/custom reports, and managing exceptions.

Generating monthly invoices and validating charges are accurate. Customizing internal billing to ensure proper chargeback cost centers are applied.

Managing postage access and refill amounts. Validating proper postage chargebacks to cost centers. Recovering unused funds from closed accounts.


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As the only mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada, we manage a portfolio of over 174,000 pieces of mailing and shipping eqipment for the largest US companies.