A Tribute the One of the Industry Greats

Two weeks ago we had a great loss in the mailing industry.  Ed Diba passed away at the young age of 49 leaving behind his wife and two sons.  Ed was the most successful Pitney Bowes sales person in the mailing division’s history and was a leader in the sales community.  He created this success by putting his clients first and creating solutions not thought of by others.

I got to know Ed during the 17 years I worked for Pitney Bowes at the annual president’s club conferences.  It was clear to see that he was the leader of the sales force.  Not only did he give the speech as the top rep of the year on multiple occasions, (The first time he won the award, he took a picture of the crowd to remember it which I thought was a nice touch), but he would get up and speak out at the annual management meeting about what our clients needed and how Pitney Bowes could best provide services.  Ed was constantly being invited to new product planning and launch meetings to give feedback and would push the company to be in new spaces his clients needed.

The main reason Ed was one of the industry greats was because of the way he interacted throughout the sales community.  He would take new reps under his wing to help them grow and would share best practices with others.  I can speak for myself when saying he was looked at as the leader of the sales force and we all tried to emulate his actions and successes.

It is a huge loss for Pitney Bowes, his clients and other members of the mail community who were lucky enough to get a chance to know Ed Diba and also to me for losing a friend.  He will be greatly missed.

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