Enterprise Visibility Of Mail Spend At Your Fingertips

Challenges getting information on mail spend at all your locations in one place?

Most organizations lack access to their total equipment and postage expenses.  If they have any information, it is from an occasional vendor spreadsheets, cryptic invoices, or online data; all of which lack detail.

enterpriseAdvocate will give you peace of mind by providing:

enterpriseAdvocate 511 x  283

  • 24/7 access with easy web log-in
  • Simple access to all mail spends – Equipment, postage and fees
  • Visibility to fees and savings
  • All account numbers are stored in one place
  • Simple to drill down to individual location details or invoices
  • Multiple vendors and postage categories
  • Reporting at your fingertips
  • Payment to postage spend ratio for every location

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