Expert Selling Advice From Our President

expert-selling-blueprint-to-accelerate-sales-excellence-by-sedric-hill-1630477176It should comes as no surprise to many who have dealt with Adam Lewenberg, that our President was quoted by Sedric Hill in – Expert Selling: A Blueprint to Accelerate Sales Excellence on professional selling.  Adam’s passion for sales and thought process to keep things as simple as possible for the client gets it done.

“But one sales rep in Boston, Adam Lewenberg, was having a field day selling the product. His placements were off the charts and no one else was even close. The marketing department decided to talk to Adam to discover his secrets to success. I recall listening to Adam at an event where he was speaking at a sales conference. He boiled his success down to this: “We sell mail services. In case you haven’t noticed, mail is not exactly sexy. Because we sell this product that is free and isn’t sexy, the biggest problem we have … is getting people to care.”

I thought, That’s it! Adam had analyzed the sales situation and recognized a pivotal issue that greatly impacted the sale: getting the customer to care enough to accept the “free” service. He offered several strategies on how to change the customer’s view. The offer was simplified and presented in ways that were more compelling to the buyer. However, the silver bullet was not just his response to the situation, but also his recognition of it.”


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