Mailing Systems Technology Top Article of 2019

As many of you know, Mailing Systems Technology (MST) is “the mailing industries only multi-media source for information on mail center operation.” Postal Advocate’s President, Adam Lewenberg, regularly writes articles for their magazine. Recently, they published an article reflecting on their “Top 10 Articles of 2019.” Adam’s article titled “How Will the January 27, 2019 USPS Rate Increase Impact Your Budget?” was the most popular article of the year for MST. It was published in the January/February 2019 Issue.

The annual USPS® rate change is very important, now that it is 2020 you should check out Adam’s new article on Mailing Systems Technology titled “How Will the January 26, 2020 USPS Rate Increase Impact Your Budget?” At Postal Advocate we love to educate others on the intricacies of the mailing industry. Contact us for more information.

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