Postal Advocate is 9!

We recently celebrated our 9-year anniversary of being in business. We started Postal Advocate because we saw the complexities and challenges of managing a mailing equipment portfolio and felt that organizations could save money while simplifying their processes.  We are now managing the largest mailing equipment fleet in the world of over 160,000 units.

Some of our proudest accomplishments include the following:

  • 57% savings averaging $1.9 Million per client
  • Over $66,000,000 in total client savings
  • Over $18,000,000 in recovery of lost postage, vendor fees and overcharges

Without the support of our talented team it would not have been possible. Every member of our staff plays a very important role in the growth of our company.

We are so grateful to our clients who partnered with us to drive savings with their mailing costs and postage spends.  The key to our success is bridging the gap between the national contracting initiatives to the location level requirements and then closing the loop to make sure all aspects of the process are being managed.  This is only done by working together and we are incredibly grateful for your support.

We have expanded our services to also include Accounts Payable Services. We will continue to improve the savings, visibility and simplification of this category and to support our clients in any way possible and are here for them around any of their mailing needs.

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