Upcoming USPS® Rate Change – What You Need To Know

Effective June 23, 2019, USPS is having a second rate change requiring the use of dimensional weight to determine pricing for Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express® and Parcel Select services.

They are also changing the way dimensional weight is calculated.

What is the purpose of Dimensional (DIM) Weight rates?

To charge for the space that a package occupies on a truck instead of just the physical weight alone.

How to Calculate Dimensional Weight?

Determine if the package is larger than 1 cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches); If it below, DIM pricing does not apply.

1)      Measure the Length x Width x Height (In Inches) and divide by 166 (USPS Divisor)

For example: 15” x 15” x 22” = 4,950 cubic inches/166

1)      If the Dimensional Weight is greater than the actual weight of the package, you must pay the Dimensional Weight instead.

A Couple of Cost Savings Tips:

1.       Use the smallest box possible that will fit your item(s).

2.       Use USPS Flat Rate boxes. You pay the flat rate and the DIM weight does not apply.

For more information on the upcoming price change: https://pe.usps.com/PriceChange/Index

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