USPS Lost Permit Initiative – The USPS is Listening!

I have been trying to make some noise to the USPS about how there is no visibility to permit funds that are over 2 years old without any activity.  I believe that the USPS is holding millions in inactive funds and making it almost impossible to get returned.  My efforts are starting to pay off because the Office of the Inspector General at the USPS has created a review to see if their procedures for refunding dormant advance deposit permit accounts are effective.

According to the Inspector General:  “We plan to review and analyze dormant advance deposit permit accounts, research laws and regulations, identify best practices, and review visibility and the procedures for closing and refunding inactive advance deposit permit accounts.”

You can help in this effort by responding to the following questions about dormant advance deposit permit accounts on the website below: 

– How was your experience when claiming a refund?
– What is your opinion of the existing refund process?
– What other thoughts do you have on these matters?

Thank you for your support of this important initiative!

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