USPS® Permit Accounts

USPS® Permit Accounts

Lack of oversight can lead to overspending, funding issues, and lost postage. 

For many organizations they represent the largest part of their mailing budget and typically have the least oversight. 

Permits are used to and can represent a huge part of your mailing budget.

Fund marketing efforts
Statement generation that are being done by different outsource providers scattered throughout the country
Business Reply for all payments from customers
Shipments done from local warehouses

The good news is there are tools to manage all of this.  They just require having the right oversight and expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We have a defined process that streamlines this spend from a visibility perspective and provides the ability to drive control and savings.

As the only mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada, we manage a portfolio of over 174,000 pieces of mailing and shipping eqipment for the largest US companies.