Optimize Your Business Reply Mail (BRM) Accounts

Having multiple BRM accounts can be very confusing. You’re likely being billed at the wrong levels and not even know.

Benefits of Centralized Management:

  • Savings – Eliminate paying separate fees for each location
  • Visibility – Monitor returned mail to eliminate overpaying for each location

There are two core areas to consider with Business Reply Accounts:

  • How many returns do you expect to get back?
  • What program should you set up that minimizes fees and postage? There are two types of fees plus the postage costs:
    1. Annual/Quarterly Permit Fees
    2. Per Piece Return Fees
    3. Postage Costs

To simplify this, the chart below shows that if you are getting less than 968 items back per year, you are better off with a Basic account. Higher volumes could be costing you significantly more money. This is the biggest area of overspending. 

Client Example:

1) Locations doing high volumes on Basic BRM accounts.  If you are receiving 10,000 pieces back per year, you are overspending by almost $8,000 including the cost of the annual fees.

2) Locations paying for more expensive BRM accounts but getting low number of returns.  If you are only getting 250 pieces back per year, it is costing you $1,147-10,932 vs. a basic BRM account that would only cost $640 per year.

3) Locations paying for permits that are no longer active.  We see a large percentage of BRM accounts where the annual permit fees are being paid but they are either getting very low return numbers or no returns because it is no longer part of an active mailing program.  These accounts should be cancelled, and Meter Reply can be used when needed with the metered date turned off.

Postal Advocate will help setup and maintain your consolidated Business Reply Accounts including:

Linking all active accounts
Consolidating into master accounts with centralized funding and visibility
Optimizing each location to make sure that it is set up to optimize fees and postage based on the historical trend of returned mail
Validating that annual fees are paid
Pulling monthly or as needed reports
Storing the data in the Postal Advocate enterpriseAdvocate© web dashboard to have full visibility of all postage spends in a standardized format
Working directly with the client on questions and interfacing with the USPS® on issue resolution

As the only mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada, we manage a portfolio of over 174,000 pieces of mailing and shipping eqipment for the largest US companies.