Consolidating Your Locations Into Master Permits

We see companies with tens to hundreds of permits that were taken out by different groups, at different points of time, without any centralized oversight.  It is difficult to manage the balances, annual fees, and funding levels.  We recommend merging these accounts to master permits with sub-accounts that can roll up to a central funding point. 

Here are the benefits:

  • Eliminate Annual Fees – Pay one permit fee and mail from different locations. This can save hundreds/thousands in annual fees.
  • Central Visibility – Access your data with ease and export reports to simplify the oversight.
  • Simplified Funding – Pull funds from one EPS account through ACH is much easier and can make the funds available faster. Now all permits can be funded from one place in real time.

Postal Advocate will help setup and maintain your consolidated permits including:

Linking all active accounts
Validating that annual fees are paid
Pulling monthly or as needed reports
Storing the data in the Postal Advocate enterpriseAdvocate© web dashboard to have full visibility of all postage spends in a standardized format
Working directly with the client on questions and interfacing with the USPS® on issue resolution

As the only mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada, we manage a portfolio of over 174,000 pieces of mailing and shipping eqipment for the largest US companies.