Enterprise Mail and Shipping

The main difference here vs. Enterprise Online Postage is these systems offer more robust rate shopping tools to optimize your carrier spends (UPS®, FedEx®, USPS®, DHL® etc.) across the enterprise.  They will let you see the different cost choices by time of expected delivery for your users to make the best choices for every item.  They also allow customized rules to be set-up to control what users see, how you want them to send, and to be able to report on what happened.

Organizations rely on free carrier tools like UPS CampusShip® or FedEx.com®, but the issue is that the end user only sees the options from that carrier.  It will also not easily show the least expensive options like ground services in the same screens as the more expensive overnight choices.  These enterprise systems can put all carriers and service levels in one place to select the most economical options.  Some plaforms give the options to print USPS® stamps that can further reduce costs.  The question needs to be asked is that does every item have to go at $5-15 when a $.51 stamp might be sufficient?  The issue for most remote users is that they do not have the ability to print a USPS® stamp, so they use the free carrier provided tools that default to these more expensive options.

Postal Advocate Services:

Review available solution options.
Run an analysis on your current carrier and postal spends documenting potential savings areas.
Manage vendor bids and contract negotiations.
Implement platform with the end users validating scales and starter supplies arrived, new solutions are set up, users are trained, first use has occurred, current equipment has been removed and old postage accounts have been refunded.
Act as the system administrator performing the following functions: Adding/removing users, setting up user credentials, running accounting reports, managing location chargeback data, being the first responder to location questions, managing cases through the enterpriseAdvocate© system, and running monthly or quarterly reviews documenting the system status, savings, and issues.


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