Enterprise Online Postage

Enterprise Online Postage is the same as standard Online Postage with the main difference being how multiple locations can be controlled under a central administration license.  This offers the following benefits:

If you have more than 10 locations using Online Postage, we recommend having them controlled through an enterprise license.

Postal Advocate Services:

Review available solution options.
Run an analysis on your current carrier and postal spends documenting potential savings areas.
Manage vendor bids and contract negotiations.
Implement platform with the end users validating scales and starter supplies arrived, new solutions are set up, users are trained, first use has occurred, current equipment has been removed and old postage accounts have been refunded.
Act as the system administrator performing the following functions: Adding/removing users, setting up user credentials, running accounting reports, managing location chargeback data, being the first responder to location questions, managing cases through the enterpriseAdvocate© system, and leading reviews documenting the system status, savings, and updates.


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