UPCOMING WEBINAR: USPS® Forced Meter Migration – How to Know if Your Postage Meter Will Soon be Obsolete

We want to help you prepare for the upcoming mandatory USPS® meter migration. As of June 30, 2024 the USPS® will be requiring that all mailing systems meet Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) standards. The Postal service will no longer be allowing any vendor to distribute postage meters that do not meet these requirements. Making many postage meters obsolete!

June 2024, which is 2 months away, may sound like you have ample time to complete this transition, but that is not the case. Postal Advocate would not recommend waiting until the last minute to upgrade your meter. We would advise you to get started with the process as soon as possible. Our team estimates that over 50% of all postage meters in the United States still need to be upgraded before the June deadline. This will likely lead to major supply chain issues for a lot of people!

This webinar will focus on:

  • Details of the forced migration
  • How to plan for this deadline
  • New technology available that could potentially replace your need for meters all together
  • Top things you can do to create ongoing visibility and control to help streamline your organization’s needs

We hope you can join us.

Register here.

Speaker Bio: Adam Lewenberg is the President/CEO of Postal Advocate Inc., the largest shipping, mail audit and recovery firm in the US and Canada. They work with organization to reduce mailing equipment costs, eliminate fees, recover lost postage from dormant accounts, create visibility across the enterprise and act as first line customer service responders.  Since 2013, Postal Advocate Inc. helped their clients save an average of 49% and over $86 million on equipment, fees, and lost postage.

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